Robert Lamont - Senior Business Coach

Robert started in psychology, moved to lecturing clinical professionals on hypnosis and attained a high level of skill in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). With many years as a public speaker on the international stage, freelance training consultant and writer of countless articles on HRD he understands the needs of organisations across multiple commercial sectors.

Robert previously worked as a manager and leadership consultant within the Virgin group. During his time with Virgin he created various sales training programs and management up-skilling modules, working his way up the training ranks to become one of only two NLP professionals within Virgin Media, coaching and training some of the top leaders within the organisation and approaching those tasks with the objectives of the teams and executives in mind.

His creation and delivery of Virgin Media's leadership program, aimed at reducing the silo mentality common in many large organisations, led to a greater collaborative leadership and new approaches by executive management.

He regularly delivers ILM Leadership & coaching skills at the highest levels for clients across numerous commercial sectors. He is the architect of many of the Business Learning Foundation's leadership courses including ones for clients such as - the Met Office, PSAV (one of the world's leading audio/visual companies), VW and the Dawson Group. He has also written and delivered the Business Learning Foundation's advanced Train The Trainer skills programme to great acclaim from every attendee, and every client who has commissioned it.

Robert's approach is what he calls " focused-fun" with a sharp emphasis on relating the learning back into the workplace. With professionally recognised qualifications in management development from the CIPD and ILM, Robert can translate the strategic needs of organisations into operational goals. His ability to take abstract ideas and turn them into tangible training requirements places him in a position to help many organisations and makes him very popular with every client.

He is also the creator of several modern business models which aid understanding and supports the application of leadership and performance management within the modern corporate structured models.

From training needs analysis, helping team leaders, managers and executives identify knowledge, skills or behavioural gaps in their employees, Robert can help. His insights into differing sizes of organisational requirements and cultures helps focus their teams' business development needs to gain the best cost effective results based on ROI or ROE.

Robert has a real talent to convert "dry" subjects by injecting them with high positive emotional delivery, thereby aiding long-term recall of new skills and key points of information. His approach is upbeat and practical; sometimes requiring challenge and debate on current thinking but always facilitating those present towards solution-based thinking.

He is very versatile in terms of approach - appealing to the robust manufacturing/engineering culture as much as a senior management team within a traditional professional environment, all the way through to youthful technical/creative teams who relate to his energising and up-beat style and thirst for understanding their working practices and business challenges.

His previous "hobby", as he calls it, was running a successful company entertaining people using his love of psychology and NLP. He ran "paranormal parties" which gave the impression of psychic skills and mind reading abilities (Derren Brown could have had a challenger!). He now uses his key skills in this area to provide an advanced understanding of the 'why' and the 'how' of what we do.

In his spare time he loves photography and building and repairing computers - making them work better than they did previously. This is a very good parallel to what he strives to do for his clients during the day...getting things to work well or even better!