Tienie Loubser - Principal Business Coach


Tienie Loubser is a driven, motivated and enthusiastic leader, with excellent communication skills and a humanistic leadership style! He has over 12 years of strong global experience in learning & organisational development, with a focus on coaching & executive coaching, learning delivery, implementation and adoption within the change management & leadership development space. Industries Tienie has worked in are: pharmaceutical, IT, technology, advertising, FMCG, retail, construction, finance and business consulting.

His coaching portfolio includes 45 senior executives ranging from senior managers to directors and vice presidents of business. Tienie's coaching amounted to 160 hours in 2016. He has designed internal coaching and mentoring training programs based on HBR Coaching Internal Employees. Tienie trained, coached and supervised 6 internal executive coaches in 2016. He also designed and delivered ILM 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring programs.

Personal Development

He recently participated in 6 online webinars hosted by Bersin by Deloitte. These webinars ranged from Change Management to Mentoring Senior Executives to Adoption of Coaching in Business, all totalling 40 GLH hours in 2016. Tienie also attended two half-day training sessions in New York delivered by Box of Crayons on Smart Coaching and Coaching & Mentoring - Giving feedback.

Away From The Office

Tienie married his wife Lorri in Boston; with three grown up kids between them have a busy and outgoing family life. For fun and relaxation they ramble across the English countryside every chance they get. In his spare time Tienie will immerse himself in holistic and somatic approaches to life, from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to Somatic Coaching presented by Richard Strozzi-Heckler.