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Increase Accuracy with Business Coaching

Accuracy can be an important element of business life. In the majority of professions in fact, getting a figure or piece of information wrong can bring about a significant disaster, either financially or regarding the health and safety of people. Even if it is not going to cause a major incident, at the very lease inaccurate work can create delays as it has to go back and be corrected, and if seen by customers or members of the public will reflect badly on the company and make them appear as one which does not show enough care in what it does. In customer's minds, if an organisation does not put time and effort into ensuring that the materials it produces are accurate, would it also fail to put time and effort into ensuring a quality product and service, and looking after their needs?

A Trivial Mistake or an Accurate Representation?

What may be considered by one person as a trivial and unimportant spelling mistake for example will be perceived by another as a major representation of the whole service level of the entire organisation. Therefore, the importance of accuracy at all times cannot be understated, as there is no telling what potential sales could be lost from one simple error. Even missing a single letter or an incorrect usage of an apostrophe can be all that it takes.

So How Can Business Coaching Assist?

Inaccuracy or sloppy work is a problem which needs tackling just like other issues such as low output or poor attendance need dealing with. Fortunately business coaching can greatly assist in rectifying such problems. The first stage is to identify the specific issues and the possible reasons for them existing. As far as accuracy is concerned, there could be any number of reasons including the employee:

  • Having too much work to do and not having enough time to devote to each task in order to complete it properly and check it for errors before release/publication

  • Not fully understanding what is being asked or required from them. In this case, they are likely to require further training in the topic to acquire more knowledge about it.

  • Having a condition such as dyslexia or struggling with reading/writing which is impacting their ability to record things accurately.

  • Having their work added to, amended or altered by one or more other people/departments which can result in work becoming inaccurate. The more "layers" that are involved in putting together a document or piece of work, whilst there is more opportunity to spot a mistake, there also exists extra levels of complication and potential for errors to be made.

  • There are numerous reasons possible, but the good thing is that business coaching can be used to great effect not only in the identification of the issues, but also for the creation and continuous evaluation of action plans which intend to tackle these issues and overcome them. Only by taking decisive action and making changes will a situation alter for the better. That first session with a qualified business coach can be the first step in making these positive changes.