ILM Level 5 in Business Coaching and Mentoring

"The BCF ILM Level 5 coaching programme is an excellent course for anyone involved with coaching. It teaches you theories and gives you practical experience of coaching. All felt very comfortable and I learnt lots of new skills. Thank you."

Senior Trainer (Design) - Nationwide Building Society

ILM Approved Centre

Coaching and mentoring improves relationships, performance and engagement. This programme has been created to sharpen a leader's skills - enabling them to balance control, commitment and empowerment through productive conversations with individuals and teams.

Based on our extensive work and experience with leaders, both in the private and public sectors; this ILM Level 5 coaching programme has been designed to develop the capability of leaders to positively impact the performance of individuals and teams. We are experts at unlocking peak performance.

Who is it for?

This ILM Level 5 Coaching certificate is highly accessible and has been designed for all tiers of director, management & supervisory level or anyone involved in people development.

The Benefits

The ILM Level 5 Coaching programme provides a detailed, pragmatic approach to coaching and mentoring using the very latest techniques. With a business-relevant, tried-and-tested approach, we encourage participants to bring live business issues and case histories with them on the course. Business coaching is the skill to have in today's rapidly changing business climate. People and team development through business coaching is fast, efficient and cost effective and will get you measurable results.

Delivery Style & Tutor

This programme is delivered in an up-beat and highly interactive manner with a lot of focus on skills practice, individual and group exercises. This allows participants the opportunity to develop their coaching skills with the support of the course tutor. Our learning & development consultants are qualified and very experienced coaching professionals with a background in executive coaching, 1-2-1 coaching and business & life coaching.

Scheduled Dates

The dates for the Diploma and the Certificate courses are the same (the difference between the two is the amount of post-course activity required). For more about this, please see below.

What is the difference between the ILM Level 5 Certificate and the Diploma?

There are three mandatory units in this qualification, which you can take as either a Certificate or a Diploma. The first unit, "Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Management Coaching and Mentoring" aims to enable you to understand the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring, and build a business case. The second unit, "Reviewing Own Ability as a Management Coach or Mentor" aims to give you the ability to critically review your own personal qualities, skills and competence.

For the Certificate, the third unit requires you demonstrate your ability to plan, deliver and review at least 12 hours of coaching and mentoring in your workplace. For the Diploma, that is extended to 100 hours of coaching and mentoring, with multiple clients, and there is an added focus on using supervision and reflective review to develop your own practice.

Course Material

Each participant will be issued with a workbook to assist them both during and after the course, which will contain information, guidance and forms to assist with the coaching sessions. Participants will also complete a Paradigm psychometric report and receive a year's membership with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

Post-Course Activity

To achieve this ILM qualification, participants will have to complete the following post-course activities:

3 x work-based assignments need to be completed within 1 year from attendance and registration. Embedded in the assignments, the Certificate will require delegates to complete 12 hours of coaching or mentoring activity with one or more clients. The Diploma will require delegates to complete 100 hours of coaching or mentoring with three or more clients.

Tutor guided learning will take on the format of book and video reviews with ongoing tutor guidance and support via phone, Skype or face-to-face.

Optional: Self-initiated 2 x 45 min executive coaching sessions per delegate to offer a coaching best practice view.

Some Learning Points Covered

Below is a list of some of the major topics covered on the course:

  • What is Coaching and Mentoring?
  • What is Business Coaching?
  • Executive Coaching
  • How to Give Feedback
  • The Coaching Cycle
  • How Motivation Works
  • The STAR Model
  • Self Management
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Johari Window
  • 7 Competencies of a Coach
  • Establishing the Gap Analysis
  • Effective Communication
  • Using diagnostic tools
  • Questioning Through 2nd/3rd/4th Level
  • Personality & Behavioural Traits
  • The COMET Model
  • Designing & Planning Focus Steps
  • Effective Use of Paradigm cards
  • Coaching Goals
  • Accreditation

    Upon completion of this programme all attendees will receive the 'ILM Endorsed Programme in Business Coaching & Mentoring' certificate. Participants will also be eligible to receive ILM letters after their name; either AMInstLM (Affiliate/Associate Member Institute Leadership & Management) or MInstLM (Member Institute Leadership & Management).

    As with all ILM Accredited Programmes, participants will need to complete the post-programme activity in order to achieve their full 'ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring in Management' certificate. These elements have been designed in order to show to ILM that you are able to put the skills and techniques learned on the programme into practice. The Business Coaching Foundation offers full support and guidance in completing these final elements.

    What is Business Coaching?

    Obviously one of the best places to start when looking to find out more about what business coaching is actually all about, this page looks at the definition of business coaching, and how it involves the transition from a current state to a desired outcome.

    What is Business Coaching?