Team Development

If an internal team is not performing to its' full potential then there could be a number of issues affecting it. It can often be a very delicate operation in bringing an entire team together and moving it in the same direction with renewed drive and focus.

Here at the Business Coaching Foundation we are exceptionally adept at doing just that through effective team coaching, team building and business coaching.

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A successful company is always made up of successful teams. Teams that can work autonomously with a clearly defined set of goals, roles, vision, responsibility and culture will always reach for and achieve far greater success than a team that works just as a group of individuals.

Our team building solutions are individually built and geared towards teams at any level within an organisation, providing an independent and objective perspective to promote a common purpose such as the creation of a 'high performance team'.

Out with the Old

Traditionally, team building events have been restricted to certain levels of management where they head off campus for a bit of archery, quad biking and paintballing or something along those lines. Then over some coffee and cocktails, business plans and more efficient ways to work are discussed.

In with the New

Today's business thinking is more strategic and certainly has to look for returns on the investment. That is why the Business Coaching Foundation's team building programmes are bespoke and built to your requirements through research, understanding your business and, most importantly, what results and achievements you are looking to get out of the programme.


"Phil did everything in a very professional and focused manner, without losing sight of the overall aims or having 'fun'. When I moved to Airbus UK and subsequently European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), I had no hesitation in recommending Phil and the team to deliver the required training and team events.

Without doubt Phil and his team are excellent providers of training, to suit even bespoke requirements, and i would not hesitate in recommending the team to any business in the future."

_Glenn Brown, Systems & Expertise Manager, EADS Personnel Service

Management Training and Development

If you are interested in management development, please visit our dedicated management training site of Management Training Courses UK which details our open courses and in-house programmes for developing the skills and ability of managers in all industries.

Our specialist areas include training for those new to a managerial position, the art of delegation, effective communication and, of course, business coaching and providing mentoring sessions for those team members which the manager has responsibility for in their particular department.

About our Team Development Programmes

In the late 19th and early 20th century the gateway into America - the Statue of Liberty - was, and is still, a famous iconic emblem that articulated: - "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

So it is that the Business Coaching Foundation is carrying on that legacy on behalf of teams that are, 'tired', performing poorly or yearning for some respite.

Most teams benefit enormously and improve their performance through team development, starting with a review of their strengths and correcting as many of their weaknesses as they can. However, after 30 years of experience in the field of team development and team coaching, we have recognised that the majority of management and leadership teams that commit to this process are those that are already in a fairly or very healthy state and performing well.

Ironically those teams that need it the most - the groups that are underperforming or downright dysfunctional - rarely commit to such an intervention as commissioning a team development programme or leadership team review. The cause of this is likely due to high task orientation and a lack of leadership training. But the net outcome only too often is poor performance, loss of money/profits, a miserable culture and a sense of futility within the team members.

Also, when a merger takes place or a new team is formed, the value of conducting a team development programme bespoke to any scenario or circumstance is always enormous. A prime example of this is a specific category leader at Unilever who insists on commissioning a high impact and very focussed team development programme when he takes charge of a new team; and always every year as a refresher to ensure they are robust enough to deal with the upcoming pressures and challenges they face. The net result is that his current team of 2 years has won the Unilever 'Growth Award' for those past 2 consecutive years. This is a hugely prestigious accolade in very difficult trading times; and it is of course, a great reflection on excellent leadership skills and superb commercial acumen on behalf of the team members. However, the team are spread throughout the globe and only meet up intermittently; so, they are all quick to agree that by having these bespoke team development programmes, it enhances their performance and keeps them focussed on the priorities.

If only newly formed leadership teams or groups that are not getting on well - due to a lack of cohesion - had the mind-set to look for a remedy in the form of a team development programme; the way a person who is not feeling well will go to the doctor, or at least a pharmacist, in order to alleviate their suffering enough to function effectively.

Our team development programmes can turn around underperforming teams

As well as business coaching, this is an area that we at the Business Coaching Foundation have a great deal of expertise in. If you belong to a leadership or management team that is always falling short of target; losing quality team members or just feels unpleasant to be a part of - then you have everything to gain, and not a lot to lose, by calling in the team development experts.

Our team development programmes are always successful and highly effective, turning a dysfunctional team into a well-coordinated and cohesive unit. It accelerates the expulsion of negativity and ill-feelings within certain groups that inadvertently advertise their distressed state to other departments and, all too often - clients! Our process is very straightforward and enjoyable, as well as being innovative and efficient.

So please bring us a 'tired', dysfunctional, newly-forged, exasperated and/or ineffective leadership team and we will return them exorcised, with new vigour, collaborative and most of all; ready to face down their demons that stop them reaching their full potential for your organisation.

What is Business Coaching?

Obviously one of the best places to start when looking to find out more about what business coaching is actually all about, this page looks at the definition of business coaching, and how it involves the transition from a current state to a desired outcome.

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